The Process...for the Homeowner

We offer several services, including:

  • building permit drawings and alterations
  • construction drawings and alterations
  • 3D modeling and renderings convert technical drawings into photorealistic images… an excellent tool for project illustrations as well as a great communication tool between designers and customers.

See it before you build it.

The Process...for the Design Professional

Cubic Cad Models works with the engineer, architect, designer, and/or builder.

We take those 2D drawings, and in discussion, develop 3D renderings that let both the professional and the customer see what the final product will look like.  This allows for changes before the bricks and mortar are in place.

We take away the disappointment, the ‘can you fix this?,’ the ‘I didn’t know it would look like that!’

We make you look great.  We enhance your discussions with your customers.  We give you and your customers the chance to see it before you build it.

We can take your 2D changes and show your customers what those changes will look like, taking much of the labour-intensity away from your schedules, so your building time is your billable time.

Cubic Cad Models is one of your most effective investments.

See it before you build it.

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"After reviewing his renderings, we made some dramatic changes to our original renovation design. Terry's services allowed us the opportunity to come up with a more suitable design and make the changes before final cabinet drawings were created and the tear down and build was started. We saved money and feel confident with the design. Terry's insight into design, function, fit, and his understanding of the practical carpentry requirements were very helpful in the process. I highly recommend Terry."

Laurie van Zeyl Kueppers

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