Benefits of 3D Modeling

  • Discover building challenges ahead of time
  • "After" picture to use as part of contract
  • Change your mind before you build
  • Image to present to your Client
  • Takes away disappointment
  • See it before you build it!

About Cubic CAD Models

In times past, builders needed to erect expensive model homes, furnish them and staff them to let customers ‘see’ what ‘their model’ would look like.

No longer.

Designers, architects, engineers, architectural technologists see the world three dimensionally. Even when they’re looking at a two-dimensional drawing.

Consumers do not. A 2D drawing is lines and circles, without concept and without shape. Consumers listen and look and hope that the designers have got it just right.

But they can’t take the 2D drawing and visualize what it’s really going to look like.

Terry Grasby and Cubic Cad Models bridge that gap, giving the customer a 3D perspective on those important projects. Terry’s modeling is for the builder, the renovator, the architect, the designer, or the customer.

Cubic Cad Models offers 3D renderings of architectural drawings, 3D walkthroughs and construction structural modeling.

Whether interior renovations, exterior finishes, a new kitchen, a changed bathroom, or a brand new build, Terry’s 3D models translate lines into full scale, full colour renditions.

See it before you build it.

Find Out How Terry’s 3D models let you change walls, counters, cupboards free of charge!

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"After reviewing his renderings, we made some dramatic changes to our original renovation design. Terry's services allowed us the opportunity to come up with a more suitable design and make the changes before final cabinet drawings were created and the tear down and build was started. We saved money and feel confident with the design. Terry's insight into design, function, fit, and his understanding of the practical carpentry requirements were very helpful in the process. I highly recommend Terry."

Laurie van Zeyl Kueppers

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